101 Goals in 1001 Days

GoalsThis challenge is to prepare a list of 101 things I would like to do in the next 1001 days. AKA: 101 things in 1001 days Start Date: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 End Date: Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The List

    Health and Exercise:

  1. Complete a Triathlon -[I’ve signed up for one in Philly, but then I moved to California. There is one here later this year.]
  2. Weigh Below 205 – Done (After peaking near 225)
  3. Weigh Below 200 – Done
  4. Weigh Below 195 – Done
  5. Bike, Hike, or Run on the Valley Forge Trails and on the Wissahickon Valley Trails. – Done
  6. Do 7 Chin-Ups/Pull-Ups in a Row
  7. Play Tennis with Julie – Done
  8. Run with HHH At Least Twice a Year – ok so far.
  9. Try Rock Climbing – Done
  10. Bike Home from Work Once Each Week – Done – I commute by bike 5 days a week now
  11. Go Mountain Biking Once Each Month (in season)
  12. Learn to Do a Track Stand or Wheelie on My Bike – Done
  13. Join Team In Training – decided against this
  14. Personal Effectiveness:

  15. Implement GTD (Getting Things Done) or a Similar System. Also finish reading the book. [I’ve started, but still have a ways to go.] – My work system is going well. My home system needs work.
  16. Implement an Effective Calendar for Myself
  17. Create a Usable System for Capturing ToDo Items – Work system is good. Working on home system.
  18. Eating and Cooking:

  19. Join a Local Community Supported Agriculture Program – Done
  20. Learn to Cook Two Types of Sustainable Wild Fish
  21. Become proficient in cooking 3 or more of the 5 “mother sauces” – Béchamel (Done), Espagnole, Hollandaise, Tomato sauce, Velouté
  22. Estimate and Track My Dietary Intake of Omega-3 and Omega-6 EFAs
  23. Build a Diet with an ‘Ideal’ Omega-3 to Omega Ratio
  24. Learn to Make Good French ToastDone!
  25. Learn to Make Good Eggs Benedict or Florentine
  26. Bake a Loaf of Bread from Scratch – First try failed.
  27. Give Up Caffeine for a Month – Done
  28. Establish and Follow Rules to Limit Caffeine Consumption – Done
  29. Track My Calorie Intake for One Month – Done
  30. Eat Exclusively Local Food for a Preset Amount of Time (duration TBD)
  31. Reading and Writing:

  32. Complete a novel in November as part of National Novel Writing Month – Done
  33. Read Six (More) Books from the Personal MBA Manifesto – In Progress (1/6)
  34. Read a Book on Positive Psychology – Done – I’ve read a couple
  35. Read Four Books on Food and Cooking – 3/4 Done
  36. Read Three Books on Industrial Design and Design
  37. Speed Read 5 Books – (0.5 / 5)
  38. Read 16 Books – Done
  39. Read 32 Books
  40. Read 50 Books
  41. Read Two Books on Real Estate – (1 of 2 so far)
  42. Read an Abraham Lincoln Biography
  43. Write Thank You Notes for All Wedding Gifts – Most Done. Rest abandoned
  44. Get Rid of at Least One Book for Each New Book I Get – Done [so far]
  45. Technology:

  46. Become Proficient with Current Java Programming Paradigms and Tools
  47. Create a Sample Application That Exercises Basic EJB3 Features – Done
  48. Become Proficient with Current .NET Programming Paradigms and Tools – Done
  49. Employ a Quick Launch Type Application (QuickSilver/Launchy) on My Computers – Done for work
  50. Create a Photo Web Site for My Wife and I
  51. Become Proficient Using the VI Text Editor – Almost there
  52. Build a Home ‘Media Server’
  53. Create a Networked Printer
  54. Create My Own Font
  55. Create My Own Logo – Done
  56. Setup Some Sort of Home Automation
  57. Life:

  58. Open Julie’s First Gym with Her – She changed her mind, but I’ll start her first business with her.
  59. Start Having Kids or Have a Clear Time-Line to Do So
  60. Buy a House or Have a Clear Time-Line to Do So
  61. Travel:

  62. Visit Canada
  63. Make a Trip West of the Mississippi – DONE! I moved to California
  64. Visit a European Country I Haven’t Been to Before
  65. Visit a Non-European Country I Haven’t Been to Before – Done – Barbados
  66. Work and Career:

  67. Figure Out What I Want To Do With My Life
  68. Touch Base with All Potential References at Least One or Two Times a Year
  69. Empty My Work EMail Inbox At Least Once a Week – So far so good
  70. Create a Five-Year Career Plan
  71. Create a Ten Year Plan
  72. Create a Fifteen-Year Career Plan
  73. Blogging:

  74. Research and Do a Post on Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation
  75. Research and Do a Post on Three Types of ‘Success’ Visualization Techniques
  76. Setup A Book Recommendations Page – Done
  77. Hobbies:

  78. Create a Workbench in My Next Residence
  79. Design and Build A New Product for my Own Use
  80. Design and Build Another New Products for my Own Use
  81. Play Chess with a Friend or Stranger
  82. Play Texas Hold ‘Em with Friends or Strangers – Done
  83. Complete a Hobby Electronics Project
  84. Attend a Make Magazine Users Group – Done
  85. Perform Improv – Done. I joined a practicing troupe in California
  86. Attend an Improv Festival
  87. Create a Garden at My Next Residence – Done
  88. Take an Electronics Class – Done
  89. Self Education

  90. Create a Experimental Miniature Business
  91. Listen to All TED Talks Podcasts – [So far, so good.]
  92. Attend a Toastmasters Meeting – Done
  93. Money and Finances:

  94. Do a Quarterly Financial Checkup, to pay off all credit card debt and to calculate all financial assets and liabilities – [So far, so good.]
  95. Negotiate Every Purchase Where Negotiation Is Appropriate [define appropriate]
  96. Consolidate All My Finances Into a Few Carefully Chosen Accounts.
  97. Organizing, Cleaning, and Unclutternig

  98. Donate or Discard 15%-25% of My Clothes – Done
  99. Review, Prune, and Consolidate My Old Boxes of Stuff – Over halfway done
  100. Create a “Emergency Kit” of Important Documents and Keepsakes – In case we need to evacuate our apartment in a hurry
  101. Purge All Junk Drawers – Done
  102. Misc

  103. Get Dog Over Her Fear of Skateboards, Rollerblades, and Motorcycles – #2 & #3 done
  104. Learn Everyone’s Names at Work
  105. Learn One Song on Guitar Every Other Month
  106. Learn One Song on Piano Every Other Month
  107. Call at Least One Out-of-State Friend Every week
  108. Visit at Least One Out-of-State Friend Every Other Month
  109. Attend an Event Organized By Meetup.com – Done
  110. Contact My College Roommates – Done
  111. Memorize All My License and Account Numbers
  112. Meta:

  113. Create a Wallet Sized Laminated Version of This List – Done
  114. Make a New List (Number of Goals and Days TBD)
  115. I lost an item somehow. This is a placeholder for when I find it again.

Other Things I’ve Done In These 1001 Days

(Items that didn’t make the original list but are worth mentioning.)

  • Compete in a National Sudoku Championship – Done
  • Move to California – Done
  • Get SCUBA Certified and Go SCUBA Diving – Done
  • Do a Waves2Wine bike ride to raise money for M.S. research – Done

5 comments so far

  1. Enda on

    good for you. I did something similar , I set the challange to run a marathon , completed a degree and build a garage my self with out any assistance. I have finally completed them all on the 29th Oct 2007. My next challenge is to learn the guitar and play 3 songs by the first August 2008 in front of all of my extended family. I have to buy the guitar first

  2. Latharia on

    You’re doing great on your list! I hope you get them all done! You’ve got several items on your list I wish we’d put on ours!

  3. Joshua on

    Canada is a really neat place. You should definitely check it out.

  4. Anibal Ellsbury on

    Each time I find quite a great short article

  5. Pat Henry on

    I stumbled into this blog researching for a post for my own blog on the challenges in teaching improvisation. In this case, it happens to be an improvisational exercise system called Organic Stretching (http://www.pat-henry.com/organicstretching/), but the principles are the same. I loved the piece, looked for other entries, and found this one. I love it, too. I was born with a notebook and pen for making lists, but this idea just gave me chills. Can’t wait to get started. At 70, I want to put more purpose in those lists and dreams…and check off some that are fun and not just routine maintenance! I like the way your grouped them. Thank you.

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