Challenge #4: Teach Your Dog “Take It” and “Drop It”

My Dog AbbyAfter all the basic obedience commands are covered it is too easy to stop there. Don’t forget that being a dog’s owner and leader come with an ongoing responsibility to engage and teach your dog. For this challenge. teach your dog a new trick, one that reinforces your leadership role and one that will come in handy in many different situations.

This is a perfect opportunity for clicker training.

I chose this challenge for two reasons. One, because I haven’t been spending quality time doing training sessions with my dog lately, and two, because my dog, like many others, enjoys playing keep-away a bit too much, both with people and with other dogs. I would not ever want to see a fight when another dog tries to take her toy.

A warning, be aware of the concept of possession aggression. If your dog is aways afraid that everything he has will be taken away, he could start to covet and guard these things. When training, be sure to promptly replace anything you take with something of equal or greater value.

Disclaimer: I am not qualified to give dog training advice. Do your own research. Use common sense. Consult an expert if any dangerous behaviours exist.


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  1. scrappyhour on

    I probably won’t do it this weekend but I did complete a similar challenge just a couple of weeks ago. I played around with using the Black and White setting on my digital and really played around with framing and using different angles. While I was taking my shots, people asked me if I was taking the shots for a local photography contest. I didn’t know about the contest beforehand, but I did enter a couple of shots.

  2. scrappyhour on

    Please disregard this comment. I must have mistakenly clicked on a different entry before I started typing my reply.

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