Personal Challenge #6: Photography Weekend

Take Pictures!It is a holiday weekend here in the States, and many of us will be heading off to various places to spend time with friends and family.

Don’t forget to bring your digital camera. If you are like me you’ve used a camera hundreds or thousands of times, but you still don’t’ really know much about the art and science of photography.

Your challenge for this weekend it to take at least 60 pictures of these places, friends, and families. Take close-up, landscape, abstract, still-life, and candid shots. Play with your camera’s features more than you typically do. Pay more attention to and experiment with composition, lighting, and aperture (whatever that is).

Experiment. Explore. Make mistakes. Learn. Enjoy.


4 comments so far

  1. scrappyhour on

    I probably won’t do it this weekend but I did complete a similar challenge just a couple of weeks ago. I played around with using the Black and White setting on my digital and really played around with framing and using different angles. While I was taking my shots, people asked me if I was taking the shots for a local photography contest. I didn’t know about the contest beforehand, but I did enter a couple of shots.

  2. curt on

    hey – how did you make out? Would love to see your photos.

  3. scrappyhour on

    I actually did play around a bit with my camera again this weekend. I went for a hike at Patapsco State Park and took a ton of pictures. I have a few of them on my blog at I focused more on light and shadow and switching between black and white and color photography.

  4. […] This challenge was aimed at novices, because I too am one. […]

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