Personal Challenge #5: Week with no TV

Turn Off the TV
We will now start the “Week with No TV Challenge”, as we described earlier. Now is a great time to start adopting a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

What to do:

  • Take that list that you made of all things you wish you could do if you had more free time.
  • Add a few more items the list, and put it right by your TV.
  • Turn off the TV. Put the remote away. Unplug the TV. (Why unplug it? Because you need to create greater distance between you and the empty things in your life, and to create less distance between you and the fulfilling things in your life. Even small changes in these distances can create significant changes in behavior.)
  • Make a mental note of the date. No more TV until a week has passed.

Some rules:

  • You can choose which day this week to start this challenge.
  • You can choose to try longer than a week, if you would like.
  • You may decide that you can still watch TV at the gym while you are exercising on cardio equipment.
  • Any decisions, time-lines, exceptions, or rules that create before the week starts must be adhered to after your week starts. You cannot abandon a promise to yourself in a moment of weakness.

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  1. […] completed this challenge and tonight I watched TV for the first time in ten days. I watched a new episode of Mythbusters on […]

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