Result for Challenge #6: Photography Weekend


This challenge was aimed at novices, because I too am one.

Based on some things I read this weekend, here is my interpretation of the the process that a savvy photographer with a average (or better) analog camera might follow:


  • A given light level,
  • A given film ISO (the films sensitivity to light)
  • A desired depth of field (e.g. Is everything in focus or just the foreground/middle/background?)

The analog photographer will choose:

  • An aperture setting
  • An exposure duration that must be calculated by the photographer or the camera

Because this challenge targeted novices with average (or worse) digital cameras, much of this process is quite different. For an average digital camera:

  • There is no film and therefore no ISO value to be concerned with.
  • The camera is reasonably smart about deciding the exposure duration based on the lighting.
  • The depth of field is always (impressively) wide. Which is very nice, until you decide you don’t want it.

Another piece of advice that I figured out on my own is this: Don’t let your digital camera decide if you need a flash.

  • Digital camera are very good at capturing existing light in an average indoor setting, and using the flash indoors drowns out this surrounding warm natural three-dimensional light. So, consider turning your flash OFF indoors, but be sure to hold your camera steady while you take pictures.
  • While outdoors, considering turning your flash ON. When your nearby subject is surrounded by a lot of bright sky and bright background, your subject could use an extra bit of oomph to stand out. Your flash can provide exactly this.

I completed the challenge, and I took many experimental and many bad pictures. I accidentally left my camera behind for much of the weekend. So, I got a late start and even resorted to using my phone’s camera. Here are some of my pictures:

My friend’s porch<– My friend’s porch (shot through the screen).

Pizza ParlourUnidentified woman in front of a pizza parlour. (I know her, but I don’t think she wants to be identified.) –>

Experimental picture of my dog by firelight with my phone’s camera.<– Experimental picture of my dog by firelight with my phone’s camera.

Aerial view of my dog, Abby, in daylight
An aerial view of my dog in daylight. –>

My fiancee!<– My fiancee!


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