Personal Challenge #8: Learn to Play a New Song

A GuitarYou know that guitar under your bed? Or that keyboard that you haven’t touched in forever? It is time to bring ’em of out storage and dust them off.

For this challenge, you have to learn one new song in the next week. That’s right: Just one song. If you only know three chords, this might be a little harder. But don’t worry, there are millions of three-chord songs. Just ask one of your musically-inclined friends. (Ask someone who knows at least 5 chords.)

So, go visit your favorite tablature site. After you realize that your favorite tablature site isn’t around anymore, find a new tablature site.

You have one week to complete this challenge. Full points will be awarded for instruments other than guitar and piano. However, points will be deducted if you don’t sing while you play.

Good luck!


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