Personal Challenge #9: Spend 15 Minutes Cleaning Each Day

[Need to Clean]… For a Week.

Get an egg timer! You will be amazed at how powerful an egg timer is at helping you to start doing work that you don’t want to do. You would also be amazed that each 15 minute commitment will usually effortlessly build momentum and continue for two, three, or four times longer than that.

For one day, choose something that has gotten out of hand. For the next, pick something easier. Alternate after that.

Organise. Simplify. De-clutter. Find peace.

For the sake of my slowing imploding apartment, I am looking forward to a week of this challenge!


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  1. thatdancinggirl on

    Zen Buddhists believe that cleaning is an important type of meditation.
    I like that thought, but I need to clean more often, my desk is a mess! Good luck on your challenges! I’m trying out a couple right now (nixing coffee is my first of many :)).


    – Esha

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