Result for Challenge #5: Week with No TV

Turn Off the TV One problem I find with my bad habits is that they are often strongly associated with other environmental factors. When I eat dinner on the couch, I always turn on the TV. So, the only hard part of this past week was trying to break that association.

I know lots of people who have quit smoking, and they have the most trouble in the environments that they associate with smoking. Perhaps when they get in the car there is a trigger to light up. You also see this all the time in bars. I bet there are millions of smokers who failed an attempt to quit while they were at a bar, because they associate, too strongly, smoking with bars and drinking.

I completed this challenge and tonight I watched TV for the first time in ten days. I watched a new episode of Mythbusters on Tivo (while eating dinner, of course).


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  1. curt on

    Started this challenge on sunday (and promptly failed when I decided to watch the mtv movie awards so I could “research” the live-twittering from humangiant and other b-comics). However, since that moment of weakness, I’ve been strong. I’ve made the rule that web video watched during lunch at work does,’t count (again – it’s research :-)), but watching galacticast and other video podcasts on the train does. Hopefully, I’ll be strong like you, ricky.

    And since I know you’re wondering – the live twittering from mtv was pretty disapointing. Not only were the twitters only funny every one in 15 or so posts, but they generally had nothing to do with what I was watching (I didn’t care that humangiant lost his buddy or that bruce willis was in the green room – I was hoping for some live witty commentary on the presenters, winners, etc.)

  2. curt on

    I did it! Since my transgression, I regained strength and went the week without TV. I’ll admit I missed it at times, but I know I’m better for it.

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