Personal Challenge #11: Memorize All Your Vital Information

Numbers! Numbers! Numbers!For this challenge, you have a week to memorize all the numbers for your primary credit card, checking account, driver license, and social security. (Am I missing anything?) Maybe you already know all these of these, or maybe you just moved, got married, opened a new account, and went into witness protection.

When I used to know this stuff, it came it handy. These days, the Internet remembers these for me, which is nice until I visit a new site or when I try to use my credit card over the phone. It is strange that I still know more of my old long-gone numbers than my current numbers, but NOT FOR LONG! In one week, I will know them all! Hopefully, so will you!

Good luck!


1 comment so far

  1. curt on

    passport #
    wife’s soc sec #
    kid’s soc sec #
    wife’s birthday (!)
    pin to Ray’s parent’s garage door

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