Psycho Runs Manhattan

Jogger.Here is a woman who made a ridiculous plan without thinking about it first. She wants to run the entirety of every street on the island of Manhattan.

She has no idea how many miles this is. She doesn’t know how long it will take. She decided to do this, but without any idea of what she could possibly gain from it.

What do I think of this crazy and ill-conceived plan? It is brilliant! Inspired! Inspirational! Many years from now as she tells her grandchildren about her accomplishment, I will be telling my grandchildren that I flossed everyday for the span of two weeks.

Good Luck, Ridiculous-Plan-Girl! I am adding you to my “blogroll” so we can check on your progress.

That reminds me. I have to start saving up money so years from now I can afford to buy my grandchildren expensive gifts so they will like me and not think that I am a loser (even if I do still have all my teeth). Either that, or I need to start some better challenges!


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  1. Rick L on

    [Update] I noticed that I had a stupid grammar error in the heading. So, I came up with an entirely new heading with more pizzazz. Now, people will see the heading and this, “Manhattan? I’ve been to Manhattan.” or “A psycho? I once knew a psycho. I wonder if it is the same person.”

    Also, I added the aforementioned blogroll.

  2. […] Psycho, Top Chef, and More Just wanted to share with y’all what someone in the blogosphere has to say/think about me and my running endeavor.  Apparently, it’s a ridiculous kind-of […]

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