Personal Challenge #12: Five a Day for Good Health

Fruits and Veggies.My fiancee has offered the next personal challenge: To eat a total of five servings of fruits and vegatables each day. She is planning on doing this for a whole month, but the challenge is only for two weeks. We are hoping that eating more good food will fill us up and leave less room for junk food. With our wedding rapidly approaching, maybe we will be heathier and fitter for our big day too.

We can still eat chocolate and ice cream. She hasn’t gone completely crazy.


2 comments so far

  1. steffi on

    hmm, all the best for your challenge! you can do it!!

  2. Rick L on

    So far, this is surprising hard to follow. If you don’t eat at least three fruits and vegetables by the time the afternoon rolls around, you are going to have a real tough dinner-time menu ahead of you.

    What I have found most amazing about this challenge is that it is almost completely impractical. It has highlighted one more feature of how ridiculous the USDA dietary guidelines are.

    I do still recommend trying this.

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