How to Make a Bat-Dog Halloween Costume

.Bat Dog.

Step 1

Make sure you dog has giant bat-ears. If not, figure out how to make some, or you’re out of luck.

Step 2

Remove the shaft from a broken umbrella. (My umbrella broke on Friday on my way home from work. Perfect timing!)

Step 3

Remove three of the eight sections of the umbrella. Save the extra fabric. It can be used to hide the innards or for accessories.

Step 4

Add a bat logo without violating anyone’s copyright (or without getting caught).

Step 5

Attach the umbrella to your dog’s harness with a mix of string, rubber bands, and safety pins.

Step 6

Use your dog’s cuteness to help you get lots of chocolate that your dog can never eat. Oh the delicious irony!


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  1. DenzelWO on

    Hello there, Happy late halowen(:

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