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Challenge #14: Trade Your Old Books for New Books

Books!Let’s face it. We all have lots of books on our bookshelves that we aren’t going to read, but we are still inexplicably unwilling to part with them. Here is one solution that can free you from this clutter: Use a book swapping site to offer them up to other people who want to read them.

One reason we don’t want to part with them is because they still have perceived value to us. However, if we can pass that value onto someone else and get something in return, then the equation completely changes. Then we can be free from the tyranny of our old clutter.

Your challenge is to take the first steps to get rid of the surplus books on your bookshelf.

Here are a bunch of options for parting with old books or trading them for new books.

I just joined one of the sites mentioned in the above link. (The one I joined is called Bookins and here is a referral link if you are interested.)